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Blemish Corrector Beauty Set

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Blemish Corrector Beauty Set

Regain your smooth and younger skin ever!

Get rid of scars & dark spots with our Blemish Corrector Beauty Set. A non-invasive beauty treatment that easily heals multiple skin problems - from surgical scars, hyperplastic scars, stretch marks, burn scars, pock marks and even acne scars in no time!

It’s made from a deep penetrating healing formula that helps soften, smoothen and remove scars and marks on your skin. It slows down hyperplasia, maintains desalination and activates regeneration so that your skin recovers & stays flawless!

Designed to maintain maximum freshness of the extracts, each essence comes in different packaging to ensure quality and elegance! Apply this on your problem areas and see the effects for yourself!

Formulated with fresh extract concentrates that are hypoallergenic, comedogenic and safe for all skin types!

1 x Blemish Corrector Beauty Set

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