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BodyFit™ Magnet Hematite Anklet

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BodyFit™ Magnet Hematite Anklet

Tone & sculpt a perfect figure!

Our BodyFit™ Magnet Hematite Anklet has the magical power to maximize weight loss and fat breakdown, keeping fit without working out!

Made with Hematite stones that are known to be a natural hunger suppressant without any side effects, it helps you curb your cravings to support your weight-loss journey.

With the bio-magnetic effect that helps full body detox, it enhances metabolism, dissolving toxins and lymph blockages, as well as boosting blood circulation and lymphatic health.

The powerful magnetic therapy is also beneficial in emotional healing. The healing elements help to deflect and transform negative energy.

One size fits all, it has an elastic band that can fit to any ankle size. The stylish design goes perfectly with any outfits. Let's stay fit & chic! 


  • Material: Hematite Stone
  • Diameter: 7cm


  • 1pc x BodyFit™ Magnet Hematite Anklet
  • 2pcs x BodyFit™ Magnet Hematite Anklet

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