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ClearSkin™ Brightening Serum

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ClearSkin™ Brightening Serum

Reveal your youthful skin within! Let’s hear what our happy customers can say about our product.

Sara Thomas, age 45, submitted this photo of her experience with our ClearSkin™ Brightening Serum upon using it in just 4 weeks! Keep looking young, Sara!

“When I hit my 40s, I suffered from melasma on my face and ever since then, I always resort to using makeup just to cover them up and I’m on the verge of losing my confidence until I saw this ClearSkin™ Brightening Serum. Noticeable difference from day 1! This slowly changes my complexion over time and brightens my skin tone. I thought my days of looking young were long gone. I can't thank you enough for this!" - Sara Thomas, 45, San Francisco, CA

I have a hectic schedule and I don’t have a lot of time to devote to beauty routines. I have been using this brightening serum as a preventative skincare measure for months and I’m amazed at the change in the condition of my skin. This product gives you a hit of lightness/brightness. My skin just softened and got smoother dramatically. Holy grail!” - Kristy Abrams, 38, Houston, TX

Sun’s effect on the skin

The sun's ultraviolet light can cause major damage to the skin. The outer layer of our skin has cells that contain the pigment melanin. Melanin protects skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays and these can burn the skin and reduce its elasticity, leading to premature aging.

When there is an increase or reduction in melanin, our skin can become uneven, resulting in skin discoloration on the face or other parts of the body. The appearance of darker or lighter areas on the skin is referred to as skin discoloration.

What is skin discoloration?

Combating skin discoloration is attributed to dark spots, age spots, hyperpigmentation and more. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including lifestyle modifications, excessive exposure to the sun, repeated friction/exfoliation and a natural part of aging. 

How our ClearSkin™ Brightening Serum works?

With its pure and potent brightening formula, it penetrates deep into your skin to brightens your skin tone and it moisturizes your damaged skin and corrects discolorations, making it the perfect addition to your anti-aging routine. 

Consists of 2 Key Ingredients for Skin Brightening:

  1. Kojic Acid
  2. Niacinamide

Kojic Acid

Kojic acid inhibits and prevents the formation of tyrosine, an amino acid that’s needed to produce melanin. Its primary use and benefit is to lighten visible sun damage, age spots or scars. This can result in an anti-aging effect on the skin. Kojic acid also contains some antimicrobial properties which can help lighten scars from acne that haven’t faded yet.


A potent antioxidant substance that is related to vitamin B-3 (niacin). It helps reduce water loss in the skin and improve its elasticity. Niacinamide helps prevent premature signs of skin aging, including boosting collagen production to smooth wrinkles and reduce skin discolorations.

Discover Sandra’s 8-week experience in improving her skin.

Sandra Ramirez, 42 y/o, tried all sorts of products and went through so much trouble just to get rid of her blemishes and uneven skin tone and bring back her smooth skin and be able to feel confident again. But now, she is very happy that this serum makes so much difference to the way she feels about her looks.

Week 2:

“My teenage years, I suffered from severe acne that left me with blemishes and skin discoloration over the years. And ever since then, I will only rely on different cosmetics just to cover up my face, but that is not enough. I am so glad I found this ClearSkin™ Brightening Serum. After just 2 weeks of using this, the dark spots are visibly reduced and my skin has become noticeably clear for the very first time in years! I will continue to use this and see how it all turns out.”

Week 4:

“Within a month of using this serum, I could literally feel that my skin is firmer and my skin blemishes are almost gone! I also notice that I am not bothered anymore to wear makeup when going out. I have sensitive skin but this product doesn’t make me feel any discomfort or irritations upon using it on continuous days.”

Week 8:

“I found my holy grail! My skin is smoother and softer than ever! Spotless face and the oiliness of my face is lessened, too! This brightening serum has worked beyond my expectations since I started using it and I have gained so much confidence in how I feel about myself. My face has a natural radiance, as well. I highly recommend this to anyone who is suffering from dark spots, blemishes and skin discoloration problems like me.”

What makes our ClearSkin™ Brightening Serum the best in the market:

  • Visibly removes dark spots & hyperpigmentation up to 95%
  • Soothes and deeply moisturizes sun-damaged skin
  • Rejuvenates skin with dullness, yellow tones and discolorations
  • Boosts anti-aging & skin regeneration to reveal natural skin tone
  • Formulated with 100% premium, safe & natural ingredients


Kojic Acid, Niacinamide, Mineral Water, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Extract


Net weight: 30ml


  1. Wash and clean the skin area before you apply the serum.
  2. Take the appropriate amount of serum and evenly apply a thin layer on the skin or spots areas.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes to dry and let it fully absorb by the skin.
  4. Use it daily for best results.

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