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Intensive Anti-Aging Serum

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Intensive Anti-Aging Serum

Discover the science of getting back your youthful-looking skin!

Before getting into our product, these two ladies share their stories and experiences upon using our serum. Let’s take a look.

Evelyn Ketter, age 56, shared photos of her results using our Intensive Anti-Aging Serum.

“I’ve only been using this anti-aging serum for 2 weeks and I can see visible change in my skin! At last, I have found a skin care range that works. At 56 years old, this is the first time I've had a product that works for me. This is life changing."

Evelyn Ketter

Gardena, CA

“I have a hectic schedule and I don’t have a lot of time to devote to beauty routines. I have been using this serum as a preventative skincare measure for months and I’m amazed at the change in the condition of my skin. My skin has never felt so healthy or looked so good!”

Susan J. Howard

Bloomington, IL

Consists of 2 Key Ingredients for Anti-Aging:

  1. Matrixyl 3000+ Complex
  2. 24K Gold

Matrixyl 3000+ Complex

This penetrates deep into damaged skin and stimulates new collagen – a protein which makes skin appear plump and firm. It's all the rage in beauty circles, much in part because of a 2009 study stating, applying non-prescription Matrixyl 3000+ Complex to your skin caused a 60% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Davidson (Dermatologist, United States) said this is why this serum is so effective. It was one of the few products on the market that had Matrixyl 3000+ Complex in the right consistency and dosage.

24K Gold

The gold-infused products can reverse your skin’s age. It does so by activating base cells and increasing cell turnover. This, in, turn, evens out the fine lines and wrinkles that had been created by dead cells. It also reduces the age spots that crop up over the years. Gold can help you overcome the dull, dry lackluster skin. Ions inside the gold accelerate the metabolic reactions of the skin cells making the inner layer of your skin feel nourished and the outer layer less flaky. The antioxidant properties of gold inhibit the constant breakdown of collagen. As a result, the skin retains its collagen levels and keeps your skin young looking.

What makes our Intensive Anti-Aging Serum special:

  • Age Rewind and Visibly Reduce Wrinkles up to 94%
  • Soothes Acne Prone Skin
  • Lifts and Tightens Skin by 99%
  • Boosts Collagen Production
  • Strengthens Skin Barrier 
  • Skin Firming & Tightening up to 95%
  • Restore Skin Elasticity By 80%
  • Skin-Friendly and Non-Greasy
  • Deeply Hydrating for Plumper Skin
  • Fast & Effective Results
  • Formulated with 100% Premium, Safe and Natural Ingredients


24K Gold, Glycerol. Hyaluronic Acid and Carbomer


Net Weight: 15ml

How To Use:

  1. Wash and thoroughly dry your face and neck.
  2. Apply 1-2 drops of serum and gently massage for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Let it stay until completely absorbed by the skin.

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