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PowerUp™ Salvage Magnet

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PowerUp™ Salvage Magnet

Have a powerful magnetic pull!

Now you can easily salvage metal objects in a lake with our PowerUp™ Salvage Magnet! Carrying up to a whopping 100kg, it greatly improves the rate of your productivity with easy hunting for treasures!

Made with neodymium magnets, which is the strongest magnet material here on earth, providing top-quality neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) magnetic action. Its triple layers of coating allow it to work in water without turning rusted or cracked

This powerful magnet is your key for magnetic fishing, treasure hunting, salvaging underwater, lifting, hanging, retrieving and industrial use, or salvaging useable metals, coins, or even lost jewelry in your search.

Easily assembled with eye bolt screws directly into the steel base. Simply attach a rope for the following operation. 


  • Material: NdFeB Magnets + A3 Steel Plate + 304 Stainless Steel Eyebolt
  • Coating: Ni+Cu+NiTriple Layer Coated
  • Pulling Force: up to 120KG


  • 1pc x PowerUp™ Salvage Magnet

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